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Ukraine last week seized tanks emblazoned with the insignia of the Russian Airborne Troops VDV , an elite military force that was instrumental in taking Crimea last March. The head of the VDV, Col.

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Vladimir Shamanov, has promised to expand his operations beyond Russian Federation territory, and Ukraine is not necessarily paranoid in suggesting that the launching ground for an invasion may also encompass Crimea, which is why Kiev argues that the real figure of Russian troops surrounding the country is more like 45, Next week, in fact, Putin is set to host high-level talks with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and most of the Duma in the annexed Ukrainian peninsula.

What better place from which to inaugurate the next phase of a war than land he stole in the first phase? There is also every indication that tougher U.

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In a recent interview , Gennady Timchenko, the U. Full stop," Timchenko said. It is naive to think that with such methods anyone will scare us or force us to retreat.


One should pay close attention to the Ukrainian towns of Torez and Shakhtyorsk. The more it appears imminent that the separatists in the DPR will be starved of Russian resupplies, the greater the likelihood that Putin will mount an incursion to prop them up more directly.

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This came after Borodai spent weeks in Moscow trying to enlist greater direct Russian military support for the war. So why is he out of a job all of a sudden? Well, the year-old Zakharchenko is the commander of Oplot "bastion" , a unit of the separatists that was among the first to raid the administration building in Donetsk last April. He was also wounded in battle on July 22, as recently exhibited on YouTube.

This could indicate that, if Russia is planning a military operation, it wants a hardened and domestic proxy leader out front, or right behind, its own troop columns. First, the separatists were actually supposed to shoot down not MH17 on July 17, but AFL โ€” an Aeroflot commercial plane that had a similar flight path and was en route from Moscow to Larnaca, Cyprus โ€” in order to blame it on Kiev and thus furnish a pretext for a Russian invasion, which was to have commenced the following day. Neither allegation has been confirmed, but both are of great interest to anyone following this conflict.

Indeed, because Ukraine is doing relatively well in retaking occupied territory, and has been since the capture a month ago of Slavyansk, the erstwhile separatist headquarters, two developments have occurred in tandem. The Interpreter created this time-lapse image , drawing on daily maps of the conflict compiled by the civic journalist website Liveuamap.

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No doubt the Russian General Staff is looking at similar battlefield data and planning accordingly. A full-scale invasion and occupation may be disastrous, as Russian military analyst Alexander Golts and U. Naval War College professor John Schindler have argued. But Moscow may only be looking to establish supply "corridors" inside Ukraine, under the guise of a humanitarian intervention, to ensure the continued flow of weapons to its proxies. There are hard interests for Moscow at stake here, even if they come in the guise of softer humanitarian concern. Last week, for instance, Ukrainian servicemen from the 72nd Brigade, of them border guards, crossed over into Gukovo, in the Rostov oblast of Russia, which happens to be the same place from which troops fired Grad rockets into Ukraine on July They were given a military escort to a refugee camp stationed there.

Now, they have made sure it was not true, they added. They want to return to their Motherland. Under fire, the Ukrainian troops ran out of ammunition and received no backup, so they retreated away from the onslaught, into Russia. A Russian security official then claimed to Rosenberg that the combatants were all free to return home, or to remain.

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Another said Russia was to blame for stoking the violence in his country. By now, we should be familiar enough with the prewritten script Moscow will recite if it does ultimately choose to invade Ukraine: "Kiev has lost control of its territory and it is trying to execute its own men, whom it has tricked into believing they are at war with us.

Barack Obama is stuck in his Cold War mentality and has tried and failed to isolate Russia for trying only to prevent a disaster created by the United States and the European Union โ€” and now perpetrated by a junta of homosexual neo-Nazis in Kiev.

We must reluctantly admit that we now have no choice but to attempt to restore calm in eastern Ukraine. Untapped Cities. Retrieved The New York Times. Hidden categories: Articles with short description.

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