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Ascher, C.

Carl Jung Documentary - Biography of the life of Carl Jung

Between women. Boston: Beacon Press.

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Backscheider, P. Reflections on biography. New York: Oxford University Press.

Bullough, R. Counternarratives: Studies of teacher education and becoming and being a teacher.

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Denzin, N. Interpretive biography. Epstein, W. Contesting the subject. Garraty, J.

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The Nature of biography. New York: Knopf. Goodson, I. Investigating the teacher's life and work.

George Gissing: An Introduction

Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. Josselson, R. The narrative study of lives. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Oates, S.

The Unclassed

Biography as high adventure. Roberts, B. Roberts got many details and emphases wrong, but fortunately Gissing assiduously chronicled his own life, though the records were damaged before and after his death. Taken together, the superb edition of his Collected Letters, his Diary and the curious semi-fictional memoirs The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft give us a unique and touching insight into a very distinctive personality and the life he struggled through as a second-rank novelist in late Victorian England.

Gissing's fiction is broadly naturalistic and anti-romantic in flavour and exclusively urban in setting. His early novels are set among the London slums and deal with the life there in remorseless and penetrating, but not very sympathetic, detail: the best of these is The Nether World , a masterpiece of minute, unsentimental observation of conditions at the bottom of the social pyramid. Other novels, of which the most characteristic is The Unclassed and the best New Grub Street , deal with a special class of characters which Gissing made peculiarly his own.

Gissing, George Robert (DNB12)

He defined them himself as "a class. Apart from his slum novels, the best of his work deals with social issues.

English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920

Gissing was a deeply conservative, neurotic, restless man. He hated Jingoism and nationalism, predicting all too accurately where they would lead. He distrusted science and condemned the proponents of progress; he scorned all the popular enthusiasms of his day. His was an aristocratic sensibility, a sensibility deeply nostalgic for the past, especially the remote past of the classical world.

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However, his conservatism does not prevent him from being a perceptive, informed and amusing observer and diagnostician of many problems of the day: the production and consumption of 'literature' in New Grub Street ; women's fettered ambitions and discontents in The Odd Women , class climbing in Born in Exile and the immoral lives of the fashionable, artistic middle classes in The Whirlpool.