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So make sure your dog has tick protection before you take him there. It is beautiful and my dog loves it, I just hate the idea of ticks so be careful!


We are always looking for different things to do, so when we found out about dog beach we thought it would be interesting even though we don't even have a dog. We brought our chairs and plopped ourselves down on a small strip of sand. It was a very entertaining couple of hours.

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Dogs of all sizes and shapes having the time of their little furry lives! Running in and out of the water, playing with balls, frisbees etc. I had to laugh, one guy threw a frisbee for his dog and two other dogs joined in the fun! All the dogs got along--it is a real shame that sometimes people have experienced aggressive dogs. The first time we went there it was mostly dry sand from the parking lot to the water.

The next time there was a couple inches of water and we couldn't go because it was too slippery for my mom.

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Another time, it was mucky sand which was also slippery,but I helped my mom and she made it safely. You do have to be careful walking, but it is also a very short walk about one minute. Overall, it was a great afternoonKeep an eye on your thingswhen i got up to put my feet in the water a dog came by and decided to pee on my chair so I had to rinse it in the water.

Boats with people intoxicated anchor off shore which creates some horrendous waves for the dogs. Each time I visit, my dogs wind up sick. I have been there about 7 times now, I started bringing my white German Shepherd just so he could burn some energy, then a day or two later I come down with sinus infections, headaches, nausea, and ear pain, it goes away until I go to the beach again. On August 4th, my husband and I went there with the white shepherd and now a girl puppy white shepherd, again I got sick the next day and am still not feeling all that great.

I see dogs poop and pee in the water and out, I don't think I can go there anymore because of the bacteria.

Has ticks - Dog Beach Park

All the dogs had great fun! Great photo ops of your best buddies! Bonita Springs. Profile JOIN. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Has ticks - Dog Beach Park. Dog Beach Park. Review Highlights. Reviewed October 12, Reviewed August 31, Has ticks. Review of Dog Beach Park. Ask lovinfla31 about Dog Beach Park. You guys have done a ton of this. When you sit down with a brand, and they start talking about this, I guess my first question would be, really, what are the best use cases for influencer campaigns? Because when I think about a social campaign, I think about, usually, your goal is either broad brand awareness, or it's lead gen, or actually it's, you know, sales.

So, are there certain use cases that make more sense for influencer campaigns than others, or is it equally applicable to all of those? I think long gone are the days when you can take a picture, post it, and expect anyone to care.

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Influencers are vying for your attention, you know, as you scroll through news feeds. People are so passive in those things. I think when we sit down for a brand, there are a couple of things we try and.. An influencer holds influence only over the audience that they've cultivated. So, for me, it's been very clear on what it is you're buying. But it's not the most cost-efficient way to reach ten thousand people, it's certainly not today.

It used to be, but today it's not. But what you're also doing is asking them to create something. A lot of influencers have cultivated followings because they're very creative people. And then the third component is that you're having an endorsement from someone that holds influence over that audience. So the biggest mistakes that happen influencer marketing is not giving clear purpose. You mentioned, people kind of test the market, brand awareness.

I think you need to be very clear. If your goal is to create really interesting content for your own social feeds, make that a singular purpose. If you want to sell things, come up with a framework, and a measurement framework that allows you to track success. And there's a lot of testing and learning, like I said, as much as influencer marketing and social media is a data art, there's no amount of data that can tell you when things are going to work, it's very much a creative endeavor. I think the third bit of that is, when it pertains to creativity, you have to look for depth.

Again, people are passive, people are mistrusting, people don't trust influencers, they know it's a paid partnership. You have to look for depth. A couple of programs that we ran, one that is of significance, that makes a lot of sense, is we work with Brita. And I think it's a really good illustration because it was probably my favorite influence campaign of this year.

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  3. A Thousand Things to Talk About.
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  5. And what we essentially did is, Brita have an authentic voice to speak about plastic and our use as a society of plastic, because they offer a solution to that. So, what did we do? We looked at a program whereby we shine a spotlight on the fact that in 50 years, if we continue with our plastic usage, and don't change our behaviors and Brita have the solution to that, our beaches, our holiday destinations are all going to be ruined.

    So we work with a lot of big creators that have a voice, or that speak to environment issues. We took their holiday pictures, and we photoshopped them and make them look awful, we covered them in plastic. And what we did with that is, the reason was to create aa juxtaposition in people's news feeds. The story was about plastic, but if we just took a Brita bottle and said, "Hey, this is going to help," no one cares, they scroll past. What we did, is you're scrolling through your news feed, and you see this beautiful image that's powerful, that's covered in plastic, like, "What's this?

    You read the caption, and it's an emotive message that comes from the influencer of what they're doing.

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    The second phase of that, was them to go, "Look, this is how Brita now helps me in my life. I'm not perfect, I'm going to stop using bottled water, I'm going to use my Brita filter. This is how its done, so it was a really The PR coverage around that reached in 50 countries. Because what we did it And our purpose was singular purpose of raising an issue, and interpreting that creatively.

    Another brand that's probably worth mentioning, and you've said earlier, "What industries do really well in influencer marketing? Other than the obvious being beauty, fashion, think of areas that are inherently social. For beauty and fashion, people follow fashion influencers, so fashion's you know, a place that's a natural fit.

    About Oliver Yonchev and Social Chain

    One of the brands that we've been working with, one of our longest-standing clients, we've been working with them for over four years, is PrettyLittleThing. They're part of the BooHoo Group. And they're a rags-to-riches story. Ten years ago, they were market traders, now they're a company that turns over a billion dollars every years, they're a multi-billion dollar company. And they've done that by disproportionately tripling down on influencer marketing for years.

    And one of their successes is they've done it consistently. They work with a lot of girls consistently, for time and time and time and time again.