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She considers Hanna crazy and dangerous and there must be a conspiracy going and Jakes whole family is in on it!

Journey To The Christmas Star

The first one fine, but one about the DMV makes no sense as the movie goes on. Back at the farm Gwen and Hanna decorate a gingerbread house while Jakes sister Louise is still suspicious of Hanna. Despite those suspicions Louise has no problem having Hanna read Gwen a bedtime story. Cook, the science teacher and wealthy man who turned the hospital into a library, oh and BTW he believes in time travel.

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This makes them feel bad and they later decide to entertain Hanna by going carolling. Back at the farm Jake and Hanna are alone. Come on Jake, that choice of song is too on the nose! Luckily Hanna is saved by mom, Louise and Sarah walking in at the same time to rightfully give Jake the death stare. Now frankly neither did I, likely because Sarah is a very underdeveloped character with limited screen time.

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So Jake tries to talk to Sarah who naturally gives him the silent treatment before finally asking if slow dancing with a suspect is a new interrogation technique. Jake finally convinces her to come carolling by offering the rest of his French fries so Sara can have some comfort food to get over her poor treatment by Jake and this movie.

Hannah even gives him a scarf. She explains to Jake that this is the house she brought Ruffin the dog back to the night she came to the future. Do they go into the house to probe for clues or answers? Who are you singing too, yourselves!? Nobody, including Hanna, makes a big deal that her husband from the past is somewhere out there.

Right…Because learning your husband is alive and out there somewhere will totally make you decide that. She also finds a key in her old clothes which comes into play later.

George arrives home full of cheer from the caroling. Snooterton is having none of this though. When she arrives Sarah takes the initiative to tell Mrs.

Journey to Christmas

Snoorterson they have the situation under control and will issue a statement when ready. Hanna then gathers everyone at the library where she shows them a door hidden behind a bookcase that leads to the basement storage. It also proves that another version of Hanna exists in the current time.

When Mr. Cook, who owns the building, finally arrives on the scene he indicates he always wondered what was in that locked closet. Hanna has the key in the future because she had it with her the day she travelled forward. If she did continue to exist, when Mr. Cook bought the hospital did nobody ever return the key? They also just left all the Christmas decorations? Do locksmiths not exist in ?

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Anyways Mr. He tells her to come with him because he has something to show her. They then movie magic to his house. In real life that would be a super awkward car ride over there with lots of questions rather than just waiting in silence to get to the next scene but movies are allowed to skirt this logic. At Mr. Cook is Toby the orphan boy all grown up and played by Tom Skerritt! He explains to Hanna that the family she returned Ruffin to were so grateful to her that they came into the hospital the next day to thank her again and see how they could help.

You see she does have purpose…I guess? Toby offers to have the photos developed for her. I guess he has actual police work to do but it comes messily into play later. Hanna takes this to mean Chet did come home. That mean she also likely exists in the world right now somewhere. Again nobody cares that she could literally go find herself. Make up your mind! Toby believes the comet will bring Hanna back home. Jake leads Hanna back to the shed. The town then decides to celebrate and party around the gazebo and shed which must be frustrating for Hanna that she has stay in the shed while everyone else parties.

Why did she even go there so early? The town decorates the gazebo with the old decorations from the hospital and as they turn on the lights the Snootertons finally believe in Christmas because they smile or something. Meanwhile Jake goes and kisses Sarah on the forehead and gives her hug. Finally the comet flies over and even old Dotty watches it.

Nobody cared to stay out there and check if it actually worked until literally the next day? Can Jake arrest the whole town for negligence? Toby and Jake open the door and go in, see nobody, and announce that Hanna has gone home! Even Mrs. Toby then shows off the photos from Hannas camera.

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There are pictures of Toby as a child and the picture Hanna took of Dotty and Frank at the start when they got engaged. Based on 1 review. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free. Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options A lot or a little?

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Journey to Christmas

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by Emily December 29, SAD DEATH in movie while I thought it was an okay movie, both my children hated it because spoiler alert the mother dies right away and stays dead and my children said, "Th Continue reading.