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Elon Musk Doesn't Know Where the Aliens Are (So, Stop Asking)

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    Sport videos. Black Friday. Now, Musk is not an astrobiologist, nor does he perform research in another field advancing the search for extraterrestrial life. So, I'm not sure that the idea that, if anyone has information about aliens, it's Elon Musk, holds up. Still, he remains a powerful figure in the spaceflight industry and, for all who are wondering, he has seen no evidence of alien life. That's a popular meme," he added.

    Life on Earth probably originated in deep-sea vents, say scientists

    This is actually a valid point. On Sept.

    How Area 51 memes enticed a generation to storm a military base

    A new paper argues that intelligent life on "super-Earths" may be struggling to make it off their planets. But does this theory have the right stuff? What does this have to do with alien space programs? As Hippke notes, aliens using chemical rockets like ours would have a hard time launching anything into space from such worlds, simply because the gravity there is stronger. Our rockets are like airplanes: They take their fuel with them. The faster you want to go, the more kerosene and liquid oxygen you have to take along.

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    4. And so Hippke argues that the challenge of building such massive missiles might discourage the denizens of a super-Earth from venturing beyond their home world. It weighs 1, tons and can heave 17 tons into deep space.